About Us

Bites of Wealth originally started as a simple Twitter account. The purpose was simply to share thoughts, quotes, and wisdom from successful and wealthy people in a bite-sized, easy-to-digest format.

To find useful quotes and wisdom, the author of Bites of Wealth started looking in books written by successful people. It wasn’t long before the author started to publish reviews of those books to help others find good books that would help them on their entrepreneurial journey.

The purpose of Bites of Wealth has never changed. The author believes that entrepreneurship is the path to a more abundant and fulfilling life, and desires to help others along the way. The author now publishes in-depth and impartial reviews of books related to business and entrepreneurship in an effort to help others to determine which books would be most useful to them in their journey.

Bites of Wealth is entirely supported by affiliate links for the books reviewed and by donations. Please consider supporting this work by using the affiliate links to purchase any books you might want or by donating directly.

Thank you for visiting Bites of Wealth. If you are an author who would like a review done of your work, feel free to contact me directly at bitesofwealth@gmail.com.