Expert Secrets

Expert Secrets

The Underground Playbook for Creating a Mass Movement of People Who Will Pay for Your Advice

by Russell Brunson

Sometimes Bites of Wealth reviews books because the book was given to us. Other times we review books because we receive a request. Today it was neither. This time we reviewed “Expert Secrets” by Russell Brunson simply because we thought that our business would probably benefit from what we would learn in this book.

Besides having the longest subtitle of any book reviewed by Bites of Wealth, this book also has some of the most actionable advice of any book reviewed on this site. This book could easily be titled “How exactly to sell anything you want online”, because that is exactly what this book teaches you. Russell gives all of his formulas, copy, scripts, and everything you need to sell your products (physical or digital) online.

That is what makes this book so useful. This isn’t a book packed with platitudes. It’s not a book of advice that the author himself doesn’t use. It’s not a book with anything useless. If anything, this book has too much in it to take in on the first read through.

Russell first teaches how to build a tribe or create a mass movement. Then he discusses how to create belief in yourself and your product. Then Russell discusses your moral obligation to use your expertise to make the world a better place. Fourth, Russell gives you many of the tools he uses in his own funnels.

This fourth section alone is more than worth the price of the book. Russell gives you his perfect webinar structure, the four-question close for higher-ticket offers, webinar hacking, email funnel structure, and product launch funnel structure. It’s all there. And then in the final section, Russell discusses how to fill your funnels once they’ve been built.

It is definitely true that this book could be considered a lengthy sales pitch for ClickFunnels. After all, Russell Brunson is one of the co-founders of ClickFunnels, a popular online software that is used to create sales funnels. Everything in this book is related to using sales funnels in some way and Russell makes his case that ClickFunnels is the best platform on which to set up your funnels. This does not diminish that value of the book at all. There is a lot to be learned about selling online and salesmanship in general from this book. In this day and age, trading knowledge for a sales pitch is generally considered fair exchange anyway.

Overall, Bites of Wealth recommends this book. The content is excellent. The delivery is likewise excellent. Talking about sales can sometimes be dry and boring, but Russell keeps things interesting throughout the book. And what makes it most powerful is that Russell practices what he preaches. Bites of Wealth obtained this book via a sales funnel (“Free book! Just pay shipping!) If you are selling online in any capacity, you should read this one.

Interesting side note: As I was reading this book for this review, an acquaintance of mine happened to see me reading it and commented on it. I asked if he had read it too and he said not only had he read it, he actually knows the author, Russell Brunson. Apparently Russell lives in the same area where Bites of Wealth is located. It’s a small world.

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