The Go-Giver Influencer

The Go-Giver Influencer

A Little Story About a Most Persuasive Idea

by Bob Burg and John David Mann

Ever since I was introduced to the “Go-Giver” series of books, I have been looking forward to reviewing another one. This time, I am reviewing “Go-Giver Influencer”, which is actually the fourth “Go-Giver” book. In coming months I will go back and review numbers 2 and 3.

As is the pattern with the “Go-Giver” series, the book is not a dry list of dos and don’ts. Instead, the lessons are encapsulated in a story. In the first book in this series, the lessons were taught to one person. In “The Go-Giver Influencer”, readers are treated to two lessons running parallel.

The premise of the story is this: Jackson Hill is an entrepreneur who started a business making and selling the freshest and best pet food anywhere. Unfortunately, despite his success, Jackson has found himself in a predicament where his bank loan is about to be called due and he doesn’t have the ability to pay. So he initiated the process of getting a contract with a national pet chain so he could expand his business and get the money to pay the loan. On the other side of the equation is Gillian Waters. She is the person working at the national pet chain who is trying to land the Jackson Hill contract. She wants this in order to be a solid contender for a big promotion coming up soon.

They meet on Friday and it does not go well. They don’t seem to be able to see eye-to-eye on anything, though they both really want it to work. That evening, after work, both Jackson and Gillian are told about a person (different person for each of them) who could help them navigate the negotiations. Jackson is told about an individual called The Judge. Gillian is told about an individual called The Coach. Despite their misgivings, both Jackson and Gillian decide to contact their possible mentors and the journey begins.

The journey is not easy for either of them. True learning requires change and both Jackson and Gillian have much to change. As the reader follows along on their individual journeys, the reader cannot help but look inside themselves and see a little bit of Jackson, Gillian, or both.

This is an excellent book. The story is simple enough to not obscure the lessons, while complex enough to keep the reader’s attention. The characters are believable and relatable. The lessons are taught simply and then illustrated in the story for better understanding. My personal favorite lesson is this: “If you let your emotions drive [you], then you are at the mercy of a drunk driver.” The story itself ends with a couple of fun twists that you may or may not see coming (I saw one coming, but completely missed the other). I highly recommend this book, just as I recommended the first installment in the “Go-Giver” series.

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