Our Mission

The mission of Bites of Wealth is to promote entrepreneurial education. It’s as simple as that. Bites of Wealth believes that the current school system is designed to program individuals for a lifetime of employment and taking orders. Bites of Wealth believes that everyone has much more potential than can be realized through formal education and a lifetime of working 9-5.

Although Bites of Wealth is relatively new and still growing, we have grand goals for the future. In time, Bites of Wealth will establish a private high school where everything taught (whether it be history, math, science, or English) will be focused on entrepreneurship and business. Each student will be required to start their own business as their senior project before graduating high school.

Bites of Wealth has a long way to go before achieving this great future goal. We are currently working on building a Youtube channel where we will publish short video summaries of the books so even the busiest individuals may expand their knowledge in just 5-10 minutes per day. Bites of Wealth believes that education should be freely available to all, regardless of their station in life or economic status.

At this point, Bites of Wealth is wholly funded by affiliate links to the books reviewed and by generous donations. If you liked one of our reviews, please consider using our affiliate links to purchase the book (at no extra cost to you!) or please consider a donation. Every dollar is used to support the mission of bringing entrepreneurial education to everyone.