Nine Steps to Becoming Rich from the Inside Out

by Farrah Gray

I was introduced to this book by a colleague who loaned me his copy to read. The book is written by Farrah Gray, a fellow who grew up in the ‘hood in Chicago. The book is his story, how he went from being on public assistance to being a millionaire.

The first impression that his book made on me was that it does not have the same style of writing as most of the books I read in this genre. Immediately, I felt like the writing was intended to appeal to a younger audience. This impression was confirmed by a line on page 118 where the author states that he was focusing his business ventures on kids and teens. This makes sense, especially since he was a child when he started his first business and only nineteen years old when he published “Reallionaire”. Farrah also spends a lot of his time doing speaking engagements aimed at kids and teens. So it is only natural that this book would be written in a way that is more accessible to that demographic.

Farrah breaks down his business journey into nine basic lessons: 1. Understand the Power of a Name; 2. Never Fear Rejection; 3. Build an All-Star Mentoring Team; 4. Seize Every Opportunity; 5. Go With The Flow…But Know Where You Want to Go; 6. Be Emotionally Prepared to Handle Failure; 7. Dedicate Your Time to What You Know; 8. Love Your Customer; and 9. Never Underestimate the Power of a Network. Farrah also includes a bonus principle, Know Your Partner, at the end of the book.

Farrah starts the story when he is five years old. He grew up in the ‘hood and dealt with some pretty rough times. As a child, Farrah decided that he didn’t want to be broke. His goal was to make enough money to treat his mother to the five-dollar Chinese buffet restaurant that was near his home. For a five-year-old, that’s a pretty good goal. And Farrah went to make it happen. This enterprising five-year-old took all the old lotion bottles he could find and squeezed all the dregs out of them. He then mixed them together and poured the concoction back into the lotion bottles and went out to sell them. He made nine dollars, which is big money for a five-year-old kid. Farrah continued to show this enterprising spirit throughout the book.

My main takeaway from this book was really two-fold. First is that you have to be willing to work. Nothing is accomplished without doing the work. Farrah put in the effort to drain the mostly empty lotion bottles and create a new lotion and then put it back into the washed lotion bottles. Without the work, the nine-dollar idea would have remained just an idea and never become a nine-dollar idea.

The second main takeaway is the power of people. By people I mean mentors, friends, and your network. Farrah was willing to put in the work, but it is hard to say where his future would have gone without his first mentor, Roi Tauer. Roi is a fixture in Farrah’s life from the time he met him at six years old throughout the book. Roi was a contact of Farrah’s mother who took a liking to Farrah and offered to mentor him. Roi helped Farrah set up his first business club, UNEEC, and guided him in business for years. Many of the greatest entrepreneurs give credit to their mentors who gave them guidance and course correction. It has been said that you become the average of the five people that you spend the most time with. If that is true, then it really pays to seek out the company of those who are successful and learn from them. Farrah was incredibly blessed to be mentored by Roi Tauer and others through the years. He was given opportunities to meet decision-makers through his network of family and friends. This made a big difference.

Overall, this book is probably best suited for tweens and teens, which is Farrah’s target demographic. However, I am going to say that I’m not really impressed with this book. Farrah sees to be more impressed with himself than anything and does not give proper credit to all of the many people who helped him to get to where he is. I’d give this one a pass. 

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