Sidehustle Millionaire

Sidehustle Millionaire

How to Build a Side Business that Creates Financial Freedom

by Tony Whatley

As I was trawling through Amazon to find new books to review for this website, I came across this book, “Sidehustle Millionaire.” I thought this would be a good book to review since many of my readers have full-time jobs and may have to start their entrepreneurial journey with a sidehustle. Unfortunately, this book turned out to be a disappointment.

At only 112 Kindle pages, this is one of the shortest books I have reviewed and it shows. This book feels like a high school term paper. It feels like the author simply read a few books, took some notes, and then published those notes as a book. The writing is overly simplistic and feels incomplete. In reality, the most useful part of this book is at the end of each chapter when the author gives a list of book recommendations.

Although the author claims to have business and entrepreneurship experience, his writing suggests otherwise. I felt like I was reading the Reader’s Digest version of how to start a business. The book is written mostly in platitudes and quotes from other people. Bites of Wealth recommends that you give this book a pass.